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Hand-crafted to Order

15 - web custom orderWhilst we keep a range of instruments in stock, one of the advantages of working closely with our wonderful luthiers is that we can offer a build to order service.

Have you fallen in love with a guitar but want it made from a different wood? Want one of our guitars made left-handed, or one of our exclusive Southpaw Central ones right-handed? Do you have a yearning for a particular wood…?

Ordering your bespoke guitar is very simple… just call us. We will listen to your requests and ask a number of questions to ensure the instrument is make to your exact requirement. The instrument will then be commissioned upon receipt of the deposit. Depending on your request, the instrument will take between 3-6 months to be lovingly hand-crafted.

Another reason for contacting us direct is that the luthier may already have an instrument in the precise configuration that you’re interested in. By asking the question, we can find out whether they have one already, or are in the process of making one, thereby ensuring you get your guitar as soon as possible.