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Freedom Day

Today is Freedom Day and whilst for some it represents an end to most restrictions for others it is a cause of concern and worry.

We fully appreciate this which is why, if you are concerned about your wellbeing for any reason, you can let us know in advance. We will reserve a time just for you (in or out of hours) so you can browse alone and all COVID19 precautions will be in place for you just as they were prior to the current easing (see our previous posts for what these are).

We hope this helps.


Can you believe it was a year ago #OnThisDay that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared #COVID19 a global pandemic?

The UK went into the first of three lockdowns shortly thereafter; the last of which is only just being eased.

The way we live, work, and shop has changed markedly, and possibly irrevocably, and not necessarily for the better.

Our showroom, as a consequence, has been closed to visitors for the best part of those twelve months so you can be certain that we are looking forward to April 12th when we can open our doors again.