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Freedom Day

Today is Freedom Day and whilst for some it represents an end to most restrictions for others it is a cause of concern and worry.

We fully appreciate this which is why, if you are concerned about your wellbeing for any reason, you can let us know in advance. We will reserve a time just for you (in or out of hours) so you can browse alone and all COVID19 precautions will be in place for you just as they were prior to the current easing (see our previous posts for what these are).

We hope this helps.

Health and Safety

We’re using the fact that it’s #HealthAndSafety Day to remind you that all pre-Christmas covid-19 safety procedures remain in place.

This means that, unless you have a medical exemption, you must wear a mask at all times whilst you are in The Old Dairy.

We will require you to sanitise your hands on arrival and recommend you also sanitise them as you leave.

If you are trying out and instrument we ask that you book a slot with us in advance. This is for a number of reasons: a) so we can have them ready prior to your arrival, b) so we can ensure we don’t have two people wanting to try the same instrument at the same time, and c) to avoid contact transfer from a prior try out. We will additionally require you to wear a coverall for the same latter reason. We request that you let us hand you the instruments you wish to try. We will use gloves to avoid contact transfer.

Please be aware that, due to the size of the showroom, you may be asked to use our try out / teaching room. You may, of course, opt to use that room by choice if you wish.

If you are interested in any of our accessories – strings, pickups, stands, cases, nail kits, or joint care – we will hand them to you wearing gloves. The same applies to our giftware.

Covid Safety

Even though we have reopened, please note that all pre-Christmas covid-safety procedures remain in place.

  • No admittance without a mask unless you have a medical exemption
  • You will be required to use hand sanitiser on arrival
  • If you are trying out an instrument you will be required to wear a coverall to prevent contact transfer
  • We will be wearing gloves when handing instruments to you to prevent contact transfer.
  • Depending on numbers in the Showroom you may be asked to try your instruments in our teaching /try out room. (You can opt to use this room even if the Showroom is clear if you want).
  • All accessories sold will be handled with gloves to prevent contact transfer and placed into reusable/recyclable paper bags.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.