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Composers Galore

We haven’t done a birthday tribute for a while so we decided to have a look at today. What we found was that the majority of musicians born this day were composers or songwriters.

1560 – Hieronymus Praetorius, German composer and organist
1740 – Samuel Arnold, English composer and organist
1845 – Abai Qunanbaiuli, Kazakh composer, poet, and philosopher
1865 – Alexander Glazunov, Russian composer, conductor, and educator
1922 – Al Alberts, American composer and pop singer (The Four Aces)
1932 – Alexander Goehr, English composer and academic
1940 – Bobby Hatfield, American singer-songwriter
1943 – Louise Forestier, Canadian singer-songwriter and actress
1943 – Jimmy Griffin, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1943 – Michael Mantler, American composer and trumpet player
1943 – Ronnie Spector, American singer-songwriter
1947 – Ian Anderson, Scottish-English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1950 – Patti Austin, American singer-songwriter
1956 – Charlie Peacock, American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer
1957 – Fred Ho, American composer, saxophonist, and playwright
1959 – Florent Vollant, Canadian singer-songwriter
1961 – Jon Farriss, Australian songwriter, drummer, and producer
1962 – Julia Fordham, English singer-songwriter
1964 – Aaron Hall, American singer-songwriter
1964 – Kåre Kolve, Norwegian composer and saxophonist
1964 – Hiro Takahashi, Japanese singer-songwriter and guitarist
1966 – Hansi Kürsch, German singer-songwriter and bass player
1967 – Todd Nichols, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1971 – Stephan Groth, Danish singer-songwriter
1972 – Dilana, South African-American singer-songwriter and actress
1972 – Christofer Johnsson, Swedish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1984 – Ryan Eggold, American composer and actor

And those that didn’t compose were:
1860 – Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande, Indian singer and musicologist
1872 – William Manuel Johnson, American bassist
1927 – Jimmy Martin, American singer and guitarist
1959 – Mark Price, English drummer

It’s in the stars…

Today is one of those days when we advise you to encourage a child born this day to take up music. Why? Well, if you look at the composers, singer-songwriters, and musicians with whom they share their birthday it’s easy to believe there’s something in the stars…

1812 – Friedrich von Flotow, German composer
1861 – William Arms Fisher, American composer and music historian
1880 – Mihkel Lüdig, Estonian organist, composer, and conductor
1891 – Sergei Prokofiev, Russian pianist, composer, and conductor
1894 – Nicolas Slonimsky, Russian pianist, composer, and conductor
1917 – Roman Matsov, Estonian violinist, pianist, and conductor
1931 – Igor Oistrakh, Ukrainian violinist and educator
1944 – Herb Pedersen, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1947 – Pete Ham, Welsh singer-songwriter and guitarist
1947 – Ann Peebles, American soul singer-songwriter
1948 – Kate Pierson, American singer-songwriter and bass player
1951 – Ace Frehley, American guitarist and songwriter
1956 – Bryan Harvey, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1959 – Sheena Easton, Scottish-American singer-songwriter, actress, and producer
1959 – Marco Pirroni, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1967 – Tommy Smith, Scottish saxophonist, composer, and educator
1973 – Sharlee D’Angelo, Swedish bass player and songwriter
1976 – Isobel Campbell, Scottish singer-songwriter and cellist
1984 – Patrick Stump, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

27 - happy birthday


As you’ve gathered by now (and if you haven’t, where have you been? ) we’ve been theming our #TuesdayTrivia and #ThrowbackThursday posts around our August offer.

With Friday’s post being a tribute to composers, it got us thinking about how they are almost always either organists or pianists. After all, how many of us envisage composers sat at a paper strewn piano with pen in hand?

However, there are a couple of rather famous exceptions to the norm who used – guess what? – guitars instead. The first was Franz Schubert who is reputed to have used a guitar that was strung over his bed as he couldn’t afford a piano. The other was Berlioz who used a guitar as it was his most proficient instrument.

22 - guitar composers