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Stimer M12

We were talking about the iconic Stimer M12 amp yesterday and we’ve realised that in our excitement in having one back in stock we forget to tell you a bit more about it.

With the senior team down with Maurice Dupont in Cognac last week, we were fortunate to be able to watch Maurice putting the final touches to the instruments and amps that were on order.  And, yes, it is Maurice himself that makes them.

04 - stimerGiven so much comes from China these days and even if the item is assembled locally the parts often come from the Far East, it is a real pleasure that all the components for the Stimer amps are still made in France; with most of them still being hand made, hand blown, hand wound, or hand cut.  For example, the distinctive creamy-yellow leather, and the tan used for the stripe, together with the black leather cover is all hand cut and machine stitched on something that looks like it came out of the 1940s (and may well have done!).

The glass valves are completely hand blown by an artisan not too far away from the workshop and even the brass clips that hold the back in place are made by one of his apprenctices in a little workshop up the road.

Sadly, all this craftsmanship means these little amps come at a higher price than their mass produced equivalents. However, with a favourable forex at the moment we are able to offer our new amps at a significantly lower price than previously… £1195 versus the previous price of £1550

So, if you’ve always hankered after one of these iconic amps, frequently pictured with Django himself, now is the time to buy!


As today is #ThrowbackThursday we thought we’d share an original Stimer from the early 1940s that the team spotted being restored whilst in Cognac with Maurice Dupont.  A good deal of work had already been done and, as you can tell from the pictures, it was in pretty poor shape to begin with.

30 - old stimerThe guitar is made from Birds Eye Maple, a wood still used by Dupont should you want a new version of it, and should be finished in the next few days.  If the restoration is completed whilst the team are still there we hope to bring you the before and after shots.

Reminder – The Old Dairy is closed to visitors

As our senior partners have headed down to Cognac to meet with our luthier, Maurice Dupont, The Old Dairy will be closed to visitors other than by pre-arranged appointment.

27 - open - closedHowever, we’d like to reassure you that webshop, phone, and e-mail orders will be processed as usual.

Plus, when they return we’ll be back to fully stocked on our Dupont collection including the Volante, Busato Royale, MD50s, Stimer Amps, and more…  Watch this space next week for more details