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We are delighted that CITES has adopted an exception for musical instruments made from non-Brazilian rosewood.

The CITES Conference of the Parties (CoP18) voted to approve an exemption that will allow finished musical instruments as well as parts and accessories containing rosewood to be transported around the world without permits. The governing body, comprised of 182 countries and the European Union, also included an exemption for other finished rosewood products, such as small handicrafts, weighing less than 10 kilograms per shipment. The new policies will go into effect in 90 days and applies to all species of rosewood with the exception of Brazilian rosewood which remains on CITES Appendix I. In the decision, raw material rosewood would remain regulated and subject to CITES permits granted by the management authorities of the individual countries and other governing laws.


CITES CoP18 logo in blue

Busato Royale

Having a Busato Royale back in The Old Dairy makes us, once again, appreciate the sheer craftsmanship that goes into all our instruments but particularly into those in the Connoisseur Collection.

27 - busato royaleWith back and sides from old, traditionally seasoned (and CITES certified) Rio Rosewood the arched back of the Royale looks seamless. We know there is a seam but, such is the skill of master luthier Maurice Dupont, it is invisible to the eye. Couple that with the spruce top, yellowed with age (no need for tints here!), and close-grained ebony and you can see why this instrument sits in the Connoisseur range. This is not just an instrument for you to enjoy but for your children and grandchildren too.

This guitar is currently available to try at The Old Dairy but we suggest you book a slot soon as it’s not likely to be with us for very long.