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Christmas is Coming

With fewer than 40 days until Christmas it’s clear that you’ve taken our advice to shop early to heart.

You are more than welcome to pop in, browse, and buy your gifts in person. Just remember to give us a quick call if you want to call in after 3pm.
The Old Dairy will be closed on December 12th as we will be breaking down and packing up ahead of the Christmas Fair on the 13th at St Margaret’s School, Toppesfield.

Similarly we will be closed on December 18th and 19th but will be open for some last minute shopping on December 23rd.

As always, our free instrument storage service is available to anyone purchasing one for Christmas and we will arrange collection times on the 24th with you.

Sold Out

It seems many of you are doing your Christmas shopping early and we are now either sold out or have low stock on a number of items.

Bone China Mugs – we’re down to our last one or two of each design of our Stoke on Trent hand decorated mugs so if you want your choice of a matching pair for Christmas we recommend you order soon.

Brooches – Treble Clef glitzy Blue has sold out. However we still have a couple of Amber and Ruby coloured ones left.

Candles – Arpeggio candle in a tin sold out. We have limited (2 or 3) left of the Sonata tin and the Arpeggio glass candles.

Charms – Cello and Violin sold out. Sadly, our maker has decided that they will no longer make these and we are unlikely to be able to replace them with an alternative UK maker. Banjo and Guitar charms are still available.

Christmas Decorations – Gold: only a couple of packs left. Silver and Black still available.

Eau de Parfum – sold out. We can get some to order so please contact us if you want some.

Socks – a firm favourite for Christmas and with only a couple of pairs left of each design you’ll need to move quickly if you want a pair as a stocking filler for someone.

Tie Pins – Treble Clef sold out. We have two quaver tie pins left.

Please note if you would like to buy a number of gifts that are the same please call us. With over 90% of our makers based in the UK we can approach them for large numbers (assuming we don’t have them in stock) and, hopefully, get you a discount in the process. We have done this previously for choral societies and are happy to extend this to anyone wanting to buy 10 or more of the same item.

Check out our full range of gifts here.