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p&p for Christmas

Talking of #Christmas decorations yesterday, remind us of the issue with p&p on our smaller giftware; the sort of things you’d buy for Christmas.
So today’s #WednesdayWisdom features a few tips to help reduce your postage costs.

1) Collect in person. If the round trip to The Old Dairy costs less than a gallon of fuel you’ll save money.

2) Buy several items at the same time. We can pack a lot of items into a single box so it’s well worth filling your cart with birthday, anniversary, and Christmas pressies.

3) Related to our second point is our recommendation to get together with friends to place a single order. That way you can split the p&p between you.

4) Call us to discuss other options such as using 2nd rather than 1st class.

Stock Update

We updated the webshop as soon as we got back from the fair on Friday. However, this close to Christmas we will be unlikely to be able to replenish the out of stock items in time, even though our suppliers are UK-based.

Socks were really popular with the guitar ones selling out. We only have one of the Foot Notes pair left.

The iPad case (fits other tablets too) proved popular too. We only have our display one left. Give us a call if you want it and we’ll take a little off the price for you.

Jewellery was also popular and several items are down to the last one but nothing other than the blue stoned brooch and violin & cello charms have completely sold out.

Scented candles went, especially the smaller ones, with only one or two left.
If in doubt about any item, give us a call.

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