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Christmas Decorations

We know many of you are putting your Christmas trees up early this year; and who can blame you with all the gloom and doom around.

So, we thought it was high time to remind you that we have two types of Christmas Decorations from which to choose.

Firstly, made in Poole, we have polycarbonate music notes. The gold and silver coloured ones are available only as boxed sets of three whereas the black coloured ones are available singly. Check them out here.

The others are made in Germany and are a die cut wooden circle with music notes inside. These are available in gold and silver colour or natural wood. For more details see here.

Christmas Decorations

Yes, we know using the c-word is bad but with just two months to go before Christmas we thought we’d remind you that we have some lovely music-themed Christmas decorations.

Our German-made die-cut circular ones are available in natural, silver, and gold with matching ties and are only £1 each or six for £5.

Our stunning mini hanging sculptures, made in Chichester, are available in black, silver, and gold with matching ribbons and are £10 for a pack of three.

Click this link for more information and to order yours so you can deck the halls with a music theme.

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