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Money Saver

Today’s #WednesdayWisdom could help you to save some money on pickups as, for those of you who don’t want the latest model, we’ve reduced the prices on all the older versions. Check them out here.

Back in Stock

Our parcel arrived yesterday from Schatten Design so we’re back in stock with all your favourites.

We’ll be sorting through it today and updating the webstore. All back orders will be sent out today so if you haven’t received yours by Monday please give us a call.

New Harp Pickup

We love learning new stuff and our latest Celtic Harp has allowed us to do just that as the material that the pickup’s feet and arched structure is made from is 3D printed ABS.
So why is this significant? Well, the fact that it’s 3D printed in itself is a bit of a wow factor. But, more importantly from the pickup’s perspective, is that 3D printing these pickup parts allowed Schatten Design to engineer in air chambers and vibration transmissive structure. The result is a pickup that, simply put, sounds great.
Check out all the info here.
21 - pickup