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Not just guitars…

Although Sandarac is probably best known for our guitars we also have a range of classical bowed instruments too.

And, as with the guitars, we sell accessories for them including pickups, strings, cases, stands, bows, cello holes, and rosin; not forgetting our giftware range.  Not everything is currently online so if you don’t see what you want just give us a call.

You can check out all our accessories here

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April Fools Day

It might be April Fools’ Day but it’s more fool you if you don’t take advantage of our fantastic offer.

The third of our 10th Anniversary discounts starts today and runs throughout April ending Sunday 30th April.  The theme for April is “All about the bass” and features not only some never before discounted products but also something not previously in store and unique to this offer.

If you’re a bassist April really is the month for you as we’re discounting all things bass.  We really do mean everything; from our Dupont electo-acoustic bass guitar, with its E-string to die for, to our superb Dragonetti-type double bass that’s perfect for both jazz and classical players. We’re also including his & hers gifts ranging from English pewter bass clef pins and bass guitar key rings, to Stirling silver bass clef earrings, to the wonderfully tactile bass clef sculpture.  We also have a unique to this offer bass clef enamel cufflinks.  And if all that isn’t enough we’re also including all our accessories such as cases, strings, and pickups. What’s not to like?

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Instrument Cases

For today’s #‎WednesdayWisdom‬ we’re revisiting the subject of instrument cases.

We continue to see instruments being sold in cardboard boxes or, even worse, in a bag.  Understandable if it has only cost a few pounds but even the cheapest instrument deserves a case.

Pretty much the first thing people seem to think about when it comes to a case is its price. If this is the case (no pun intended) with you there is no need to read on as there are lots of cheap cases that made in the Far East and will do the job. For the rest, read on…

Still with us?  Great!  Unless the customer wants a specific case, we generally recommend a case costing between 5-10% of the instrument price.

When thinking about cases it is important to consider what you are planning to do with your instrument… Will you be carrying it everywhere? If so, you should consider a lightweight case with shoulder straps that lwill eave your hands free. Will you be taking your instrument on longer trips? Then you’ll want a more robust case. If you intend to check your instrument into the hold on an airplane we strongly recommend you purchase a flight case that has been specifically designed for airplane travel.

Finally, shop with reputable dealers. Ebay and Amazon might be cheaper but you won’t be able to check whether your instrument fits snugly, whether the zips are robust, and if the fabric is as sturdy as claimed.

At Sandarac we supply a case, at no additional charge, with every instrument. We take the time to match the quality of the case with the instrument and ensure it is a perfect fit and there is usually the option of upgrading to an even better case if you so chose.

11 - casesAs with everything we sell at The Old Dairy, none of our cases have come out of the Far East. We use top quality German-made Soundwear cases for basses and cellos; Canadian hard cases finished in leather for our Duponts; superb sumptious Spanish leather hard cases for our Sanchis Lopez and Sanchis Carpio guitars; Hiscox cases for the Catherwood guitars; and French or Portuguese rigid fabric cases for the rest.

Please note we do not keep flight cases in stock as these are made to order in the UK for each individual instrument.