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If you called us a little while ago and have not heard back please call again.

As we explained in previous posts, with the transfer of our phone service we lost access to our mailbox and all messages therein. So, if you called our number during our “down” period – and even though you would have got our standard voicemail greeting – we had no way of accessing the messages.

Thanks for bearing with us and, if you haven’t heard from us, please call us again.

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Call Us

We’re often asked why we ask you to give us a call in advance of visiting us to try an instrument.

There are several reasons: the first is so we can check that we have what you want to try in stock. If we don’t we’ll contact the luthier to see whether he has one in stock that we can get for you.

Secondly, it gives us chance to check the instrument over. This is especially important if we’ve done a show recently.

And last, and probably most importantly, it gives us chance to buy the milk 😉 As none of us take milk if you plan a surprise visit you’ll have to join us in taking it black :O

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Weekends by Appointment

For those of you wanting to visit us at The Old Dairy over the weekend to browse our range of Father’s Day gifts, try out our fabulous instruments, or take advantage of our 10% discount on the large sculptures please be aware that we are open by appointment only.

26 - open by appointmentTo make an appointment please call us.  We strongly recommend you call before setting out to avoid disappointment.