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Yes, you can!

We know it’s not practical for a lot of you to call in and pick up your orders. But, with another rise in postage costs forecast for April, it’s definitely worth weighing it up; especially if your round trip can be done on a gallon of fuel.

What’s more, if you give us a quick call before popping in we’ll be happy to stay open late or open at the weekend to accommodate you. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s tea, coffee, and biscuits available for all our visitors. What’s not to like?

Give us a call and pop in.

Call us

We are often asked why we ask people to give us advance notice when visiting The Old Dairy to try an instrument.

Well, there are a number of reasons…
Firstly, it allows us to check the instruments in advance of your visit and make sure the cases (which are kept in our stockroom) are to hand should you decide to purchase.
Secondly, you might be interested in an instrument not currently in stock. A few weeks notice gives us chance to contact the luthier to see whether he has any in stock that he can send us for you to try.
Finally, and probably most importantly 😉, it means we can ensure there’s fresh milk and biscuits in for the tea and coffee 👍



If you called us a little while ago and have not heard back please call again.

As we explained in previous posts, with the transfer of our phone service we lost access to our mailbox and all messages therein. So, if you called our number during our “down” period – and even though you would have got our standard voicemail greeting – we had no way of accessing the messages.

Thanks for bearing with us and, if you haven’t heard from us, please call us again.

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