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The C-Word

You know we hate swearing but we’re using the C-word today

Yes, there’s less than 3 months until Christmas. We’re mentioning it in September because, having UK-based suppliers, we tend to keep smaller numbers of gifts in stock than those who have to buy stuff in bulk from the Far East.

This means that if we get a run on popular items such as the heart of clefs necklace or music mugs we can go out of stock for a short while. Also, because we deal with small gift makers they like to retire items to make way for new things meaning when some things are gone, they’re never coming back.

And, whilst we can’t do an Amazon style online wish list, we’re offering you the chance to e-mail or message us your Christmas wish list that we’ll then share with anyone who asks Simples

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Using the C-Word

Although we loathe swearing at people we feel it’s time to mention the C-word again… Christmas.

Yes, really, there are just 80 days until Christmas and, excluding the fact that our webshop is open 24/7, that means you’ve a mere 11 working weeks to get organised and find those special gifts for the music lovers in your life.

You know where we’re going with this by now… our #WednesdayWisdom post is a shameless plug for our Giftware range.  But, come on, you can’t blame us; especially given over 90% of our products are made right here in the UK with the remainder being made in Germany.

We apply the same rigour to our giftware that we do with our instruments.  We have even delisted popular products when the supplier has moved production to the far east rather than continue to supply something that was only previously Made in Britain.  Whether it’s lapel pins, bookmarks, ceramics, jewellery, or sculptures you can buy from us with confidence.  Even our lowly tea towels are made in a heritage cotton mill in Accrington that currently weaves for the National Gallery :-O  Yes, we know you can find similar items on the internet for less but check the source and you’ll generally find it’s come in from the far east or, if purchased from a UK merchant, it will have been made in China.
Click here to go directly to our webshop.  Alternatively you are welcome to drop into The Old Dairy and browse our range in person.


The c-word :-O

We hate using the C-word but given what we heard on the news this morning we feel it’s quite appropriate.  There are 113 days left until….

… Christmas :-O

However, according The Today Programme this morning you may have to delay your Christmas shopping as a Korean shipping company has gone out of business overnight.

02 - 113 days til ChristmasFear not, dear readers.  With our giftware being over 90% UK-made (with the remainder coming all the way from Germany) we have no problems with our supply chain and can restock quite quickly.  We also have the advantage that, as we deal with small companies, we don’t have to wait until we need to order hundreds or thousands of items before placing an order.  Our restock time is also a lot faster; a matter of days rather than the 4-6 weeks it would take a container to come by sea from the far east.

Yes, we know we’re probably a little more expensive than a similar far eastern mass produced equivalent (although, as we shared with you the other day, we can sometimes be cheaper than the likes of Ebay) we think it’s worth it to support UK businesses.