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Cheaper than the internet

Being a bricks and mortar company we often hear people say they can get what we sell cheaper on the internet.

Allow us to dispel a few myths…

1. If you’re buying one of our guitars or pickups from a UK-based supplier on the internet the product will either be second-hand, traded into the UK from elsewhere, or a copy as we have exclusivity agreements in place with our suppliers and luthiers.

2. Our guitars are the same price when buying from us as buying from our luthiers; whether buying direct or on their website. Occasionally we’re a little cheaper & occasionally we’re fractionally more due to the forex changing. However, you won’t be paying a forex charge to your bank or credit card nor shipping from Europe so we generally work out as cheaper overall.

3. Our pickups are the same price, or cheaper, than the same products offered on internet giants and, being priced in pounds Sterling, will not be subject to forex charges and will incur cheaper p&p.

What’s more you can talk to a human being, ask questions, get advice, read our blog and join conversations on our Facebook page. You can call into The Old Dairy and browse our gifts, pickups, and accessories in person. All our in stock instruments are available for you to try before you buy and if for some reason we don’t have what you want in stock we’ll ask our luthiers for one for you.  Plus we occasionally run promotions (such as this month’s ‘All about the Bass’) which means that, for the duration of the offer, we are cheaper than elsewhere.

Finally, if you still think you can buy it cheaper on the internet, why not check out our webshop here:  Instruments Amplifiers,  Accessories (pickups, strings, nail care, joint care, luthiery products),  Giftware 

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April Fools Day

It might be April Fools’ Day but it’s more fool you if you don’t take advantage of our fantastic offer.

The third of our 10th Anniversary discounts starts today and runs throughout April ending Sunday 30th April.  The theme for April is “All about the bass” and features not only some never before discounted products but also something not previously in store and unique to this offer.

If you’re a bassist April really is the month for you as we’re discounting all things bass.  We really do mean everything; from our Dupont electo-acoustic bass guitar, with its E-string to die for, to our superb Dragonetti-type double bass that’s perfect for both jazz and classical players. We’re also including his & hers gifts ranging from English pewter bass clef pins and bass guitar key rings, to Stirling silver bass clef earrings, to the wonderfully tactile bass clef sculpture.  We also have a unique to this offer bass clef enamel cufflinks.  And if all that isn’t enough we’re also including all our accessories such as cases, strings, and pickups. What’s not to like?

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April is all about the bass

Our 10th Anniversary offer continues in April with our biggest offer of the year so far as we are reducing the prices of our in stock double bass, Dupont bass guitar, pickups, accessories – such as strings, and gifts.

This really is a month-long not to be missed opportunity for bassists so feel free to share with friends as there are limited quantities on some items and it really will be a case of when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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