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Today’s #WednesdayWisdom is related in some ways to our October offer in that it is about pickups.

18 -pickupsWhilst we stock a small range of acoustic stringed instruments – violin, viola, cello, double bass, and various acoustic guitars (acoustic, bass, classical, flamenco, gypsy, jazz, and left-handed) – we stock pickups for pretty much every acoustic stringed instrument from the orchestral to the specialised to the unusual.

Moreover, because of our close relationship with our makers, if it’s not currently available, we can look at getting it made for you. Something that can’t be done by stockists of mass produced items.

You can check out our instruments here and our range of pickups here.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have specific requirements and we’ll be happy to help

Open Today

As we will be closed to visitors from midday on Friday of next week (to allow for the break down, transport, and build for the show in St Peter’s Church, Sudbury, on Saturday) we’ve decided to open The Old Dairy from 10am today.

You’ll note that we haven’t put a specific closing time. That’s because the last time we said we’d open 10-4 we ended up staying open until 6pm to accommodate all our lovely visitors :-O  So, in theory, we’ll be closing at 4pm unless we have people turning up; in which case we’ll close when everyone’s gone. Please note we will also stay later if you give us a call and let us know when you’re planning to arrive.

See you soon!
10 - open today

We are open!

It’s a cool damp Bank Holiday Monday in our little corner of the world but there is one bright spot… The Old Dairy is open 😀

Feel free to pop in and try one of our many instruments.  We’ve violins, violas, a cello, and a double bass all available to try.  Whilst we don’t have our full range of guitars currently as we’re waiting to restock following the show a couple of weeks ago, we still have a couple of sumptuous Spanish flamenco guitars made by 4th generation luthiers David and German Sanchis Lopez as well as the Connoisseur flamenco and classical Spanish guitars made by their father, Ricardo Sanchis Carpio.  We have most of our Southpaw central collection from Lugnas as well as a gaucher Dupont petite bouche, both blonde Tarragonas have gone.  We also have several of the highly distinctive Catherwood guitars, made from unusual woods, each of these tells its own story and has a distinctive tone.  Of course The Old Dairy would not be complete without its range of Dupont guitars ranging from petite bouche, to grande bouche, to Be Bop, to the petite parlour and big blowsy ABJ, to the electro-acoustic B4E bass with its E-string to die for.

And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you in, don’t forget we have a full range of Schatten Design and Stimer pickups, Stimer and Dupont amps, specialist strings, as well as our giftware selection.

The kettle’s on.  We look forwards to seeing you soon!

29 - web open