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Who Needs Black Friday?

Never mind #BlackFriday or #CyberMonday, we’ve five days of fantastic one-off deals for you next week.

To help you plan where best to spend your pennies here’s a heads up as to what is being offered on which day.

Monday: Take your pick of our Orpheus Valley solid topped cutaway classical Guitar bundles that also includes a Portuguese made rigid case, a set of Savarez strings, and an English pewter bag/lapel pin: all for less than the price of the guitar.

Tuesday: We’ve a choice of four of our Violins and Violas bundled with a case, bow, Hercules stand, a set of Dominant strings, Tomastik Vision rosin, and one or both of an English pewter bag/lapel pin and bag/keyring. Again, you’ll be able to get all this for less than the price of the instrument alone.

Wednesday: We’re back to guitars with our solid-bodied Classical guitars. Each bundle will contain either a cedar-topped Fiesta, Rondo, or Sofia guitar plus a Portuguese rigid case, a set of Savarez strings, and an English pewter bag/key ring. This bundle will save you around £150 on the price of the instrument alone.

Thursday: This day sees our biggest ever discount as we’re featuring our cellos and double basses. The cello bundle includes the instrument, a German-made Soundwear gig bag, bow, a set of Velvet strings, cello rest, and English pewter bag/lapel pin and bag/key ring. With you only paying for the instrument, and the rest free, you’ll save over £500 on this.

Want to save £1000? Then take a look at our double bass bundle comprising our lovely 100% European, traditionally hand-made, double bass, a German-made Soundwear gig bag, Hercules stand, Velvet Compass Blue strings, and English pewter pin and key ring. All for the amazing one-off price of £2499.

Friday: We round off the week with your choice of one of three stunning quality European classical guitars; Fandango, Solea, and Tangra. The bundle also includes a Portuguese rigid case, a set of Savarez strings, and English pewter bag/lapel pin and bag/key ring. At a mere £749 you’ll save over £150 on the price of the instrument alone.

The (not so) small print
◾Unsurprisingly these bundles are sold on the basis of when they’re gone, they’re gone.
◾Each bundle is sold complete and ‘as is’ with no substitutions.
◾Some of the instruments are ex-showroom models and, as such, have some small marks. These instruments will be marked with a * in the daily details. These marks are superficial, do not detract from the aesthetics of the instrument, do not penetrate beyond the varnish, and do not affect the playability. These instruments are sold as seen. Detailed pictures will be provided upon request.
◾Each deal will run for 24 hours from 10am to 9:59am

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August Offer

August has a classic offer as we’re discounting all our classical guitars as part of our 10th Anniversary offer.

We’ve timed the offer to give you chance to replace or upgrade instruments in time for the new school year as many of our instruments included in the offer are perfect for improvers.

Moreover, for the first time ever, we’ve included every classical guitar currently in our showroom; from our Orpheus Valley guitars, to our Southpaw Central range, to our sumptuous Spanish RSC guitar. So whether you’re looking for your first quality instrument, wanting to upgrade to something better, needing a professional grade guitar, or just wanting to treat yourself to something special this month is the perfect time to bag yourself a bargain.

Check out what’s on offer here.

01 - Classic Offer

Man’s Life Offer

Our “It’s a man’s life” offer runs for the whole of May and the discounts will be available at the North West Guitar Show this weekend.

Although this promotion, the fourth in our 10th Anniversary series, was originally designed for people looking for Father’s Day gifts there’s nothing stopping you from stocking up for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation presents, or even Christmas :-O

As with all our offers this year, we’re including items that we have never before discounted – and may not discount again in the future. So it’s a real opportunity to bag yourself a bargain.  Full details here.

02 - mans life