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10th Anniversary Offer

Although we are most of the way through our Anniversary offers we thought it was worth reiterating the points made in one of our #WednesdayWisdom posts from February.

These 10 monthly offers have given you, our wonderful customers, a chance to buy pretty much every item in our showroom at a discounted price; many of which have never been discounted previously and may not be discounted again in the future.

Each offer only runs for the duration of that specific month and when it’s over, it’s over. Just because we offered a discount on an item earlier in the year it does not mean we can give you that same discount now.

We are delighted to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary and it has been our pleasure to have been able to give something back to you, our customers, for supporting us over our first decade.

11 - anniversary offer

August Offer

August has a classic offer as we’re discounting all our classical guitars as part of our 10th Anniversary offer.

We’ve timed the offer to give you chance to replace or upgrade instruments in time for the new school year as many of our instruments included in the offer are perfect for improvers.

Moreover, for the first time ever, we’ve included every classical guitar currently in our showroom; from our Orpheus Valley guitars, to our Southpaw Central range, to our sumptuous Spanish RSC guitar. So whether you’re looking for your first quality instrument, wanting to upgrade to something better, needing a professional grade guitar, or just wanting to treat yourself to something special this month is the perfect time to bag yourself a bargain.

Check out what’s on offer here.

01 - Classic Offer

Offer Clarification

Even though we are half way through our 10th Anniversary Offer we still get questions about it so we thought we’d use a #WednesdayWisdom post to answer as many of them as possible.

Our 10th Anniversary Offers are ten individual offers we are running from February to November of 2017 to celebrate our anniversary and give something back to you, our customers.

~ Each offer runs from the first to the last day of a calendar month.

~ Each offer is discrete and applies solely to the products as listed.

~ Whilst some items may be in more than one offer, such as the cello charm that was included in the “With Mothers in Mind” and the “Bowing Out All Over offers”, many will appear just once.

~ The discount varies from product to product but, in each case, it will represent the best possible one we can give you. This means the price is the price and no further discount can be applied.

~ Bundles are specific items put together for one great price (such as the V2 violin with Schatten Design pickup fitted; complete with bow, case, set of strings, and rosin that was offered last month).  The option to  subtract from the bundle is not available but you can purchase each one separately subject to availability.

~ Discounted items will return to their original price at the end of the month.

~ Some items have been discontinued by their supplier or will not be replenished by us when sold out due to manufacturing moving to the Far East. These products will be highlighted at the beginning of the offer and stock updates, especially when down to the last one or two, made on our Facebook and Blog pages during the month. For these products it will most definitely be a case of when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Lists of each offer and the products included have been published on several occasions during the year and are available on request. This has been done specifically to allow you to plan your purchases in advance.