With temperatures in the 30s in some parts of the UK we’re revisiting an old topic for today’s #WednesdayWisdom; that of humidity.

Unless you’ve got one of those very swish carbon fibre instruments your guitar, or bowed instrument, is most likely made from wood. And whilst wood is a wonderful, organic, flexible material there’s a downside; it breathes.

Whilst all our instruments are made from traditionally seasoned wood (with 10 years being the bare minimum) and therefore less prone to distortion, high levels of humidity will still affect them slightly. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on them in the unlikely event that they start to be affected as high humidity can cause glued joints to separate and permanent warping. An early indicator of this is if you notice a rise in your string height as this could be due to the top swelling causing the bridge to rise.

Unless you keep your instruments in a humidity controlled room, or dedicated cabinet, the best place to keep your instruments during humid weather is in the case we provided together with the silica gel sachet included. Don’t forget to dry the sachet out every so often by either popping it into the oven for a short while (after you’ve finished cooking and turned it off) or leaving it on top of a warm radiator for a little time.