Parlour Guitars

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday post is taking a look at the parlour guitar.

The parlour (or parlor as it’s known across the pond) is far closer to its ancestors, with its smaller body and narrow waist, than the modern larger bodied guitar and came to prominence in the 19th century.

It’s decline in the 1950s seems to coincide with the rise of the electric guitar but no correlation has been proven. However, since the turn of the new millennia, the parlour has been enjoying a renaissance with players citing their mid-range tone, historic vibe, and easy portability as reasons for choosing it over a regular guitar.

We have two wonderful parlour guitars:
– Dupont AU28: with back and sides in ovangkol and a spruce top this petite guitar packs quite a punch. Click here for more details
– Catherwood OAT: a very different, but equally punchy, guitar made from Celtic sacred woods (Oak, Ash, and Thorn) with a yew (another sacred wood) finger board. Click here for more details

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