Deaths in February

Today we pay tribute to the 97 members of the music industry who died during February.

Temur Tsiklauri, 75, Georgian pop singer and actor
Cynthia Turner, 88, Maltese pianist

Libuše Domanínská, 96, Czech operatic soprano
Ilse Rieth, 92, German church musician and choir director

Kris De Bruyne, 70, Belgian singer
Anne Feeney, 69, American folk singer-songwriter and political activist
Jim Weatherly, 77, American Hall of Fame singer-songwriter

Hüner Coşkuner, 57, Turkish singer
Matt Harris, American rock bassist
Patricia Healey, 85, British singer and actress
Ma Zenghui, 85, Chinese musician
Jaime Murrell, 71, Panamanian Christian singer and songwriter
Nolan Porter, 71, American R&B singer-songwriter
Gil Saunders, 68, American soul singer
Jessie Smith, 79–80, American R&B singer

Abdoul Jabbar, 40–41, Guinean singer-songwriter
Douglas Miller, 71, American gospel singer

Jan Willem Loot, 77, Dutch cellist and lawyer

Roz Cron, 95, American alto-saxophonist
Elliot Mazer, 79, American audio engineer and record producer
Stefano Mazzonis di Pralafera, 72, Italian opera director
Ricardo Silva Elizondo, 67, Mexican singer and actor

Roza Akkuchukova, 70, Russian singer
Servando Cano Rodríguez, 78, Mexican singer-songwriter and producer
Corrado Francia, 73, Italian singer
Mary Wilson, 76, American Hall of Fame singer

Richie Albright, 81, American drummer
Chick Corea, 79, American jazz keyboardist, songwriter, and 23-time Grammy winner
Cedrick Cotton, 46, American R&B singer
Ghédalia Tazartès, 73, French musician

Bruce Berger, 82, American pianist, writer, and poet
Jorge Morel, 89, Argentine classical guitarist and composer
Lee Sexton, 92, American banjo player

Antonis Kalogiannis, 80, Greek singer

Tom Bethell, 84, British-born American music journalist and author
Milford Graves, 79, American jazz drummer
Paolo Isotta, 70, Italian musicologist and writer
Russ Thyret, 76, American music executive, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Records (1995–2001)

Louis Clark, 73, English keyboardist, musical arranger, and conductor
Peter G. Davis, 84, American music critic
Sydney Devine, 81, Scottish singer

Mohamed ag Itlal, 61, Malian musician
Erriquez, 60, Italian singer and guitarist
Ari Gold, 47, American singer-songwriter

Steuart Bedford, 81, English conductor and pianist
Florence Birdwell, 96, American educator, musician, and singer
Lucien Gourong, 77, French singer, writer, and storyteller
Andréa Guiot, 93, French operatic soprano
Golnoush Khaleghi, 80, Iranian music researcher, composer, and arranger
Raymond Lévesque, 92, Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, and actor
Luca Novac, 79, Romanian musician, taragot player
Johnny Pacheco, 85, Dominican-American musician and label executive

Ludmila Alioșina, 90, Moldovan opera singer
Carman, 65, American Christian singer
Werner Grobholz, 78, German violinist
Atsutada Otaka, 76, Japanese composer
Soul Jah Love, 31, Zimbabwean reggae singer
Tonton David, 53, French reggae singer

Françoise Cactus, 56, French musician and author
Marc Ellington, 75, American-born Scottish folk-rock singer-songwriter, musician, and conservationist
Ali Hossain, 80, Bangladeshi composer
Andrea Lo Vecchio, 78, Italian composer, lyricist, and record producer
Omar Moreno Palacios, 82, Argentine folk singer-songwriter, guitarist, and gaucho
Gene Summers, 82, American rockabilly singer
U-Roy, 78, Jamaican reggae singer

Violeta Dávalos, 52, Mexican operatic soprano
Isaac Thomas Kottukapally, 72, Indian film score composer
Prince Markie Dee, 52, American rapper
Miles Seaton, 41, American musician

Luigi Albertelli, 86, Italian songwriter and television author
Đorđe Balašević, 67, Serbian singer-songwriter
James Burke, 70, American soul singer
Philippe Chatel, 72, French singer-songwriter
Jerold Ottley, 86, American music director and choral conductor

Chris Ajilo, 91, Nigerian highlife musician
Serpil Barlas, 64, Turkish singer
Joe Burke, 81, Irish accordionist
Andrei Ionaș, 60, Romanian conductor
Richard Shephard, 71, British composer and headmaster
Gene Taylor, 68, American pianist

Mireya Arboleda, 92, Colombian classical pianist
Hélène Martin, 92, French singer and songwriter

Paolo Castaldi, 90, Italian composer and essayist
Yalchin Rzazadeh, 74, Azerbaijani pop singer

Vojislav Borisavljević, 73, Serbian composer
Ion Enache, 73, Moldovan composer
Sean Kennedy, 35, Australian bassist
Sergiu Natra, 96, Romanian-born Israeli composer
Luz María Puente, 97, Mexican pianist

Wolfgang Boettcher, 86, German classical cellist
Peter Ostroushko, 67, American violinist and mandolinist
Sardool Sikander, 60, Indian folk singer

25 –//–

Bob James, 68, American rock singer-songwriter

Gipsy Bonafina, 63, Argentine singer and actress
Danilo Rustici, 72, Italian guitarist and composer

Ian North, 68, American punk and new wave musician
Jorge Oñate, 71, Colombian vallenato singer