Deaths in June

From two days of celebrations to one of commiseration as we pay tribute to the 84 individuals from the music industry who joined the great gig in the sky during June.

Majek Fashek, 57, Nigerian reggae singer and songwriter
Joey Image, 63, American drummer
Wajid Khan, 43, Indian composer
Myroslav Skoryk, 81, Ukrainian composer
Marion Zarzeczna, 89, American pianist

Werner Böhm, 78, German singer and musician
Markéta Procházková-Lutková, 56, Czech composer and poet
Janine Reiss, 99, French vocal coach and harpsichordist
Chris Trousdale, 34, American singer and actor

Rosemarie Wright, 88, English pianist

Marcello Abbado, 93, Italian pianist and composer
Fabiana Anastácio, 45, Brazilian CCM singer
Dulce Nunes, 90, Brazilian artist, composer, singer, and music producer
Steve Priest, 72, British bassist and singer

Rupert Hine, 72, English musician, songwriter, and record producer

Allan Evans, 64, American record producer and musicologist
Marjan, 72, Iranian singer and actress

Frank Bey, 74, American blues singer
Floyd Lee, 86, American blues musician
Edith Thallaug, 90, Norwegian operatic singer and actress
Trần Quang Lộc, 74–75, Vietnamese musician, cancer

James Hand, 67, American country music singer-songwriter
Basen Murmu, 33, Indian singer
Uta Pilling, 71, German musician, songwriter, and painter
Bonnie Pointer, 69, American singer
Daniel Stolper, 85, American oboist

Paul Chapman, 66, Welsh rock guitarist
Pau Donés, 53, Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist
Benny Likumahuwa, 73, Indonesian musician
Gigi Marga, 91, Romanian-American singer

10 –//–

Katsuhisa Hattori, 83, Japanese composer
Abenny Jachiga, 33, Kenyan Ohangla musician
Nina Maria Leilani Deering, 34, American musician

Dodo Doris, 71, Congolese musician
Claude Ndam, 65, Cameroonian singer-songwriter
Porca Véia, 68, Brazilian Gaúcho music singer and accordionist
Ricky Valance, 84, Welsh singer

Angélique Pourreyron, 36, French singer
Marc Zermati, 75, French record producer and promoter

Nguea Laroute, 59–60, Cameroonian Makossa singer
Claude Samuel, 88, French music critic and radio executive
Lucy Scarbrough, 92, American classical pianist and teacher
Keith Tippett, 72, British jazz pianist and composer

Wolfram Lorenzen, 68, German pianist
Nana Tuffour, 66, Ghanaian highlife singer

Yuji Adachi, 56, Japanese guitarist and songwriter
Omondi Long’lilo, 37, Kenyan Benga musician
Yohan, 28, South Korean pop singer

Victor Feldbrill, 96, Canadian conductor and violinist
Hugh Fraser, 62, Canadian jazz musician

Hux Brown, 75, Jamaican guitarist
Nicolas Joel, 67, French opera director, GM of Paris Opera (2009–2014)
Ellington Jordan, 80, American songwriter
Dame Vera Lynn, 103, British singer

A. L. Raghavan, 87, Indian playback singer

Aaron Tokona, 45, New Zealand guitarist and singer

Jeet Singh Negi, 95, Indian folk singer and composer
Joan Pau Verdier, 73, French singer

José Cutileiro Jr., 61, Portuguese-Dutch musician

Ryan Anthony, 51, American trumpeter
Michael Falzon, 48, Australian musical actor and producer
Margarita Pracatan, 89, Cuban novelty singer

Jacques Demêtre, 96, French blues historian
Michael Hawley, 58, American pianist, educator, and visual artist
Jane Parker-Smith, 70, British classical organist
Claude Le Péron, 72, French bass guitarist

Jacques Coursil, 82, French jazz trumpeter and composer
Huey, 31, American rapper
Graeme Williamson, 71, Scottish rock singer

Sandra Feva, 73, American soul singer
Charles Lawton Jiles, 90, American musician and songwriter
Narcisa Toldrà, 96, Spanish musician.

Pete Carr, 70, American guitarist
Freddy Cole, 88, American jazz singer and pianist
Tom Finn, 71, American musician and DJ
Mats Rådberg, 72, Swedish singer

Manuel Donley, 92, Mexican-born American Tejano singer and musician
Luciano Rondinella, 86, Italian singer and actor

Stepa J. Groggs, 32, American rapper
Hachalu Hundessa, 34, Ethiopian musician and singer
Johnny Mandel, 94, American composer
Benny Mardones, 73, American singer-songwriter
Willie Wright, 80, American soul singer.

Walter Nita, Dutch singer