Making the most of your calendar

Following on from last week’s #WednesdayWisdom, as part of #GOMonth, we’re building on our tips/life hacks for getting organised.

Last week we recommended you stick to one calendar. Today we’re helping you make the most of it.

To prevent things sneaking up on you, especially if using a weekly view, we recommend putting reminders on your calendar ahead of the event. For example, it’s well worth making a note on the calendar on a Friday if you’re playing on a Monday or Tuesday as it gives you the weekend to sort the music into the set list order, check over kit, change strings, etc. And, if you need more time for these things, simply put the reminder further ahead.

Setting reminders ahead of time is especially pertinent if you have to prepare things well in advance such as checking contracts, parking arrangements, booking hotels, or simply getting directions. Put reminders in sufficiently well ahead so you’ll have time to complete the tasks without the last minute stress. What’s more, if you’re feeling super organised, you can always colour co-ordinate the tasks you have to do regularly so you can see at a glance what needs doing when.

Finally, if you struggle to find the time to practice regularly, schedule some time in your calendar and set an alarm (or highlight it if you’re still using paper) to remind yourself.