Organise your Music Room

Following on from Wednesday’s #GOMonth post we thought we’d build on it as today is designated #OrganiseYourHomeDay. We know many musicians have a music room or studio as part of their homes and, especially if you’re out working a lot, it can be hard to keep it tidy &/or organised.

Enter Organise Your Home Day, the perfect chance to quit making excuses for one day, get down to business, and get your music room (and the rest of the house if you’re feeling particularly motivated) back into shape. Put everything else aside for a few hours and get to task on all those little niggling things and DIY jobs that have been begging to be finished for months now.

You could even get your friends, family, and fellow musicians involved on a grace and favour basis and help each other out; you’ll get everything done quicker and find the day more fun.
You’ll be surprised how much you can get done, when organising is your sole task, and how much difference giving your home studio a little TLC can make to your life.