Have Your Say – Results

Thank you to all those who took the time to write comments or message us.

Taking everything into consideration it seems that you are happy for us to keep things as they are.

The only things we were asked for more of were sales, competitions, and offers. Because we do our utmost to bring you the best price on our instruments, accessories, and giftware, coupled with the fact we buy from small lutheries and companies in Europe and the EU, it means we operate on small margins. This in turn gives us little room to do discounts without risking taking a loss on the item.

It’s worth bearing in mind that companies who frequently offer large discounts are still making a profit on that sale price. So it should give you an idea of what it cost them in the first place We hope this helps you understand why our sales (with the exception of our 10th Anniversary ten monthly offers) are few and far between.

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