REMINDER: Sale ends in 1 hr

REMINDER: There’s just 1 hr left in our ‘Solid Savings’ sale on our mid-range Orpheus Valley guitars before we switch to our next one-day discount.

Today we have two great offers for the celist and double bass player. Our Cello Bundle contains a European-made Kremona VC4 cello*, Soundwear gig bag, bow, spike rest, a set of Velvet strings, and an English pewter keyring and lapel pin all of which would normally set you back over £2500. Today we’re offering all of this for the price of the cello alone, a mere £1999, saving you over £500.

The Double Bass bundle contains a Kremona DB4 bass, Soundwear gig bag, Hercules stand, a set of Velvet Compass blue strings, and an English pewter keyring and lapel pin. All of which retails just shy of £3500. Our one day only amazing price of £2499 gives you a saving of almost £1000.

Click here for full details and to make your purchase as when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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