Last post for Mother’s Day

There’s just over a week to go before Mother’s Day is upon us so we thought we’d better share the last order dates to ensure you receive your gifts in good time.

  • UK – your order should arrive on the day after it was placed unless you placed it after the showroom closed; in which case it will arrive in two days. However, those in the further flung reaches of the country may find it takes an extra day to reach you.

Therefore we recommend you place your order by 3pm on Thursday 23rd to give your parcel the best chance of arriving in time.

  • Europe – you should allow 3-5 days after your order was placed (with the same caveats about out of hours order). Therefore for Western Europe we recommend 3pm Wednesday 22nd as the latest and for Eastern Europe Monday 20th to be absolutely safe.
  • Rest of the World – a 5-7 day delivery time is the norm (again, with the caveats about out of hours). Obviously, the further away you are the longer you should allow. Therefore, depending on your location you’ll need to order today, or tomorrow by 11am (the post office closes at noon), or Monday 20th by 3pm.

17 - mothers day