Music and Memory

A lot of our Music is good for you #WednesdayWisdom posts have shown how playing an instrument is especially good for children. This week’s post is one for the older musicians as we’ve looking at brain ageing.

The good news for the more mature musician is that the cognitive gains made from playing an instrument don’t seem to wane as you age.

Studies have shown that those speech-processing and memory benefits extend well into your golden years. However, the better news is that you’ll retain those benefits even if your musical training stopped after childhood.

A new Canadian study found that older people who had musical training when they were young could identify speech 20% faster than those with no training. In another study, people aged 60 to 83 who’d studied music for at least 10 years remembered more sensory information, including auditory, visual, and tactile data, than those who’d studied for one to nine years. Both groups scored higher than people who’d never learned an instrument.

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