Data Protection

Today is ‪#‎DataProtectionDay‬ so we thought we’d take the opportunity to remind you of the steps we take to protect yours.

If you use our WebShop to make your purchase you are protected by global giant Worldpay. We are sent the details of what you’ve ordered and where to send it and that’s all. Everything else, including those all important payment details, is kept on their encrypted server.

Some people prefer to call us and talk through their options before purchasing; one of the advantages of dealing with a real rather than an online only company. In this case, you are protected by the Data Protection Act. As such we do not store your data physically or electronically once the transaction has been completed. We know it’s a little inconvenient for those who order regularly but we would rather be over zealous in protecting your data than leaving our customers at the slightest risk.

Finally, for those contacting us by e-mail, we would like to assure you that we never share your details with other companies.

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