Monthly Archives: June 2022

IMPORTANT – please read

Please note there may be some disruption in phone and e-mail service from today through to the end of this week as we migrate to an alternative service.

We will do our best to process orders as soon as they are received but please note that there could be a delay in us receiving them.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and recommend you call us direct on our mobiles should you need to reach us urgently.

Luthiery products

In the days before we launched our web shop it was always amusing how flustered our male luthiers became when they called to place an order for this and our female director or admin lady answered the phone.

Why? Because it’s a knob puller 😱 Yes, that really is its name. And the good news is that not only is it back in stock but you can order it online by following this link