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Stop defunding Arts Education

We’re asking our followers to share this post widely to raise awareness of the proposed government defunding of the Arts.

The MU is devastated that the Office for Students has recommended implementing Government funding cuts to Higher Education arts and music subjects and we are with them đź’Ż

The Office for Students (OfS) has confirmed that the catastrophic funding cut will go ahead despite the many MU members and other creatives, industry organisations, higher education institutions and trade unions who have raised serious and legitimate concerns.

Naomi Pohl, MU deputy general secretary said “This news is frankly the last straw for our members, many of whom have survived without any Government support and barely any work for the past 18 months.

“Since we heard about these proposed cuts, there has been an enormous outpouring of fury and disappointment from our members and the wider music community.

“Musicians are highly skilled, resilient, creative and community minded. Their work generates billions for the UK economy, and they contribute in infinite ways to our cultural life, health and wellbeing.

“We must ensure that the talent pipeline doesn’t dry up. Closing opportunities to learn music is short-sighted, and at the end of the day we’ll all suffer.”

We agree with the #MU that this will undermine the UK’s phenomenally successful creative economy.

MU National Organiser for Education Chris Walters says:

“We will continue to campaign for fairer funding for arts and music courses at higher education, in particular for less privileged students who will be hit hardest by this.

“Sadly, we believe that the Government’s approach will only undermine our phenomenally successful creative economy and make entry into the music industry more difficult for many.”

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady sent a strong message of solidarity and support to MU members at the 39th Musicians’ Union Delegate Conference.

In her speech to MU members at the 39th Musicians’ Union Delegate Conference, Frances O’Grady singled out the MU’s championing of higher education arts and music subjects in the face of “outrageous” Government funding cuts that were confirmed minutes after day one of MU Conference came to a close.

In addition to sharing this post, we ask that you email, call, or write to your MPs to stop the funding cut as a matter of urgency.

This is the Government levelling down, not up. Levelling up can’t be achieved through the redistribution of existing funds, because those funds are already not enough.
Arts education needs more funding, not a fight over the little that currently exists.

After all, the earth without art is merely eh!

#StopTheArtsFundingCut #ArtIsEssential

Union Flag

We’re using the fact that it’s #UnionFlagDay as a #WednesdayWisdom caveat emptor post.

We see many products proudly sporting the Union Flag but, on closer inspection, many will say things like ‘designed in the UK’; meaning they are made elsewhere (generally in the Far East).

There is also a piece of EU legislation to be aware of that we discovered a number of Spanish guitar makers using when doing our research ahead of partnering with Sanchis Lopez. This states that if 90% of the value of the instrument is added in that country it can be designated as being made in that country. This means that a maker could buy instruments very cheaply from the Far East and then allocate 90% of the value to the stringing and setting up. Caveat Emptor.

This loop hole is one of the many reasons we get to know our luthiers so well; why we visit their workshops, meet the team in person, and spend time watching them craft their instruments. That way we can guarantee that their instruments are 100% hand-crafted in their workshops.