Monthly Archives: June 2021

Happy Birthday to Us!

Despite the #COVID19 #lockdowns we’re still here and have become a teenager 😱 Quite what that means for us, goodness only knows 😉

It’s interesting to look back and see how our product range has changed over the years; for example we’ve slowly moved away from bowed to focus on guitars. However, we’ve kept true to our ethos throughout; we never buy or sell anything from the Far East; we only deal with European (and North American) suppliers that we know first hand; everything we sell is hand-made, hand-crafted, or made in small batches (for example our strings, pickups, and some of our giftware).

But we know we would never have survived without you, our wonderful customers. So thank you for thirteen years of custom and here’s to many more. May we all survive our teenage years 😉

Going, going gone

Our latest MD50 didn’t spend long at The Old Dairy as within a week it was hand delivered to its new forever home.
Because of #lockdowns in France it is taking us longer than usual to replenish our stock and, whilst we have guitars on order the list of potential customers for them means that unless you reserve an instrument it will be a case of first come first served.

Please contact us to ensure you’re notified as soon as the instrument you’re interested in arrives with us or to put a deposit down to ensure the instrument is reserved for you. Thank you.