Monthly Archives: March 2021

World Theatre Day

We don’t normally post over the weekend but we could not let #WorldTheatreDay pass without comment.

Due to #COVID19, Sandarac Productions has not staged a show for over a year now. It’s not just us that have been affected; all the self-employed musicians, singers, and dancers; all the audio-visual companies; the technicians and support crew; travel and accommodation companies; the list goes on and on…

Theatres, not just in the UK but around the world, have suffered during the #covid crisis and some will sadly not be able to open again when this is all over. Even within those that are able to reopen, many are struggling to schedule performances because of the lack of financial viability of shows when social distancing is enforced.

Add to this the fact that people have got used to streaming performances, and viewing them from the comfort of their own home, and theatres have an uphill battle on their hands to get bums back on seats.

We believe that the Performing Arts is important. We have a rich heritage of live music, dance, and spoken word that we must not lose.