Monthly Archives: March 2021

World Backup Day

In today’s digital world we keep so much data on our devices that it’s important to remember to back them up on a regular basis.

This is especially important when so much sheet music is kept digitally these days. Add to that all your music, videos, and pictures. Not to mention everything else that you keep on your devices.

So as it’s #WorldBackupDay we’re using a #WednesdayWisdom to remind you not to be an April Fool and to back up all your devices today.

Mom and Pop

Today’s post builds on some of last week’s as, although it’s an American holiday, we think it’s important to highlight all the #MomAndPop businesses out there; ours included.

#MomAndPopBusinessOwnersDay promotes recognition of the critical role that small businesses play in the economy. Small businesses support their local communities in ways larger ones don’t and internet-based giants certainly don’t.

The US holiday encourages everyone to go out and support a small business today and reminds them that these businesses are there in their community. We think that spirit should be adopted here too. Otherwise, when things are finally allowed to get back to “normal”, all that will be left on our High Streets will be phone and charity shops with a few retail giants thrown in for good measure.