Monthly Archives: July 2020

Job Vacancy – David Gilmour

Due to the lockdown we were unable to interview for this position.

To apply please send your cv, together with clips (or links to clips) of you singing and playing as David Gilmour, to

Successful candidates will be invited for an audition in a rehearsal room in the Sudbury, Suffolk, area large enough to facilitate social distancing. Once lockdown has eases rehearsals will be at the band’s base which is near Cambridge.

About the group
This is a well-established Pink Floyd tribute with bookings well into 2021/2. The group plays theatres and festivals across the UK and Europe. This is not a ‘pubs and clubs’ outfit. They are supported by a professional light and sound company and crew and use a tour bus for the majority of shows.

We’re sure you’ve seen the Facebook ‘new’ algorithm hoax that’s been doing the rounds on and off for the last few years. Well it may surprise you that there is a grain of truth behind it.

What the, not so new, algorithm does is prioritises posts from people and pages with which you interact most. So, if you haven’t given us a like or commented on a post on our Facebook page for a while please remember to do so on a reasonably regular basis – once a week is probably enough – to keep us in your feed. Thank you.