Monthly Archives: June 2020

Happy Birthday to Us!

12 years ago today Sandarac was founded.

Over the years we’ve changed our products, we started off just selling double basses, and now we sell most stringed instruments, accessories for them, and music-themed giftware; but we’ve kept true to our ethos throughout.

Our philosophy is to never buy or sell anything from the Far East; to only deal with European (and North American) suppliers that we know first hand; to ensure all our instruments are hand-crafted by experienced (and generally, master-) luthiers; to ensure all our accessories adhere to our principles and, where hand-made simply isn’t possible (for example for strings, stands, and some of our giftware), that they are made by small companies in small batches of high quality.

But we wouldn’t have lasted this long were it not for you, our lovely customers. So thank you for twelve years of custom and here’s to the next twelve!

New Product

Today we’re highlighting another new product; this time for Violins or Violas.

As with the gypsy guitar pickup we featured last week, the V-03 pickup has the new Neo-Jack series output jack. The Neo-Jack, with a standard 1/4″ output jack, is held in place simply and securely by the violin’s own tail gut.
The V-03 offers unparalleled reproduction, range and clarity of sound all wrapped up in a high quality Superieur Despiau B “two tree” maple bridge.
For more details click here

Neo Jacks

You’ll have seen the term neo-jack when reading our piece on our new non-invasive pickup for Selmer and Maccaferri gypsy guitars.

As they are a feature of all our new Schatten Design pickups we thought we’d better explain what a neo-jack is.

A neo-jack utilises the existing fittings on the instrument – for example the tailpiece fitting on a gypsy, resonator, and archtop guitar, violin, viola, bouzouki, or mandolin – to attach the jack; therefore avoiding the need to drill a hole in the instrument.

It is straightforward to fit and is completely non-invasive. It can be removed and replaced as needed for those not wanting visible jacks when doing an acoustic performance.

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