Monthly Archives: October 2019

Lost and Found

Today’s #WednesdayWisdom was inspired by the poor gentleman who left his 300 year old violin on the train.

Our advice, other than not to leave it in the luggage rack, is to invest in a clip-on cut-proof strap (they’re often sold as theft-proof straps for travellers). Clip it to itself around the handle of your case then, whilst seated, loop the strap around your wrist. That way you can guarantee not to forget the instrument.

In addition, should you inadvertently leave your instrument somewhere, there are lots key locators cheaply available these days that sends a location to your smart phone. Many are small enough to be discretely placed in the case or, if you are careful, inside the lining. There are also discrete rfid chips that can be placed inside your instrument allowing the police to verify it is yours should they find it. Contact us for details.