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School’s Out!

School’s have broken up, the sun is shining, what’s not to like?

The summer holidays are a great time to look for a new instrument ahead of the new term. You can take your time, try lots of different ones, and then familiarise yourself with your new instrument ahead of lessons restarting in September.

We have a great range of traditionally made instruments, 100% hand crafted by European luthiers, starting from less than £400 that are suited for all grades from improvers to professionals. We even have a range for left-handers.

Give us a call to arrange an appointment or simply pop in during opening hours to see our selection and try them.

Hot hot hot!

It might be hot outside but it’s nice and cool in The Old Dairy; the perfect temperature at which to keep our instruments.

We know we’ve said this many times before but, given the current temperatures, it’s worth a repeat #WednesdayWisdom post: look after your instruments!

One rule of thumb we often use is to treat your instrument as you would a pet. During this hot spell car interiors can heat up to temperatures much higher than the outside and you certainly wouldn’t leave your pet in the baking hot car so don’t leave your instrument in there either.

Visitors to The Old Dairy recently will have noticed that, at certain times of the day, we keep the blinds down in the showroom. This is for two reasons: firstly to keep the temperature down and secondly to stop the strong sunlight from hitting the instruments. The more eagle eyed of them will have spotted a portable dehumidifier; being on a farm, it can get a little humid and we aim to keep the level in The Old Dairy constant.

We strongly advise people to keep their instruments in their cases whenever possible as this gives an added layer of protection as well as keeping them in a cool room away from strong sunlight and high humidity.

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