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Uncommon Instruments

#DidYouKnow that today is Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day?

And, whilst we specialise in the less common guitars, there are hundreds of instruments you’ve likely never heard of; things like the contrabass balalaika, easily the least unusual of the instruments you can research. It has a large triangular body and is either played with the fingers or leather plectrums. Or why not try this version of a viola with added keys?

Extended Opening

We’d like to clarify our Tuesday late afternoon extended opening.

Based on your comments we took the decision to remain open until 6:30pm on Tuesdays to give more of you the opportunity to pop in after work.

Please note that, sadly, with the best will in the world we cannot accommodate people turning up at 6:20 wanting to spend time trying a selection of instruments without prior arrangement.

We like to give people trying instruments as much time as possible to try at their leisure and will happily remain open out of hours for as long as needed by appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.