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World Backup Day

Sunday isn’t just Mothering Sunday; it’s World Backup Day too.

With more and more music being stored digitally – and not just tunes to play but sheet music too – it is becoming increasingly important to backup your data regularly.

What’s more, it is strongly recommended, by those that know far more about this stuff than us, that you back up to more than one place. If you don’t have the backup habit put a recurring appointment in your diary. Depending on how frequently you add new material, you can schedule reminders weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

So don’t find yourself an April Fool on Monday and be sure to backup your data before then.

28 - backup day

World Theatre Day

Today is #WorldTheatreDay.

Initiated in 1961 (and celebrated since 1962) by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), theatres across the world celebrate their value and importance.

We are always deeply saddened when we hear of theatres closing or converting to cinemas or bingo halls as there is nothing quite like hearing a live music performance; whether the musicians are in the pit or on the stage.

It really is a case of use it or lose it so book your tickets today!

27 - world theatre day

Royal Mail Price Increases

Yesterday Royal Mail increased all their postage. Here at Sandarac we have taken the decision to absorb the increases wherever possible and not pass the increase onto our customers.

This means, for the vast majority of our customers, you’ll see no change in cost when ordering from us. There were, sadly, a couple where, having already absorbed previous price rises, we had to increase p&p slightly but these are not items ordered regularly such as giftware or pickups.

As always, due to the punitive cost of postage, we strongly recommend clubbing together with friends and family (or being super organised and ordering birthday and Christmas presents together) when ordering small giftware items as the cost of posting one item is the same as posting several in one package. Plus we have a spatial awareness wizard in the team and you’d be amazed at how much can be safely packed into one small box¬†

26 - royal mail prices