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Backward Day

Did you know that today is known as #BackwardDay?

So, instead of our usual #ThrowbackThursday post we’ve more of a #TriviaThursday one.

Backward Day has a long history that dates to well before its name. In fact most cultures have one day in the year when societal norms are reversed. For example ancient Rome celebrated Saturnalia; a day when gambling was no longer forbidden and the masters spent the day serving their slaves at the high table.

So what’s that got to do with us you ask. Well, as you know, we’ve long been champions of the left-handed player and, at one point, we have four left-handers to two right-handers working at The Old Dairy. However, we know the first thing most right-handers say about our Southpaw Central instruments is that they look backwards. Well, not to a left-hander they don’t 😀

We suggest using Backward Day to celebrate your difference and enjoy playing your backward instrument.

31 - Backward Day

Get Organised

Our final #WednesdayWisdom #GOMonth piece is about helping your brain to think differently and to get into habits that will help you be more organised on a longer term basis and not just for January.

Our first recommendation is to get enough sleep. Most experts recommend 7-8 hours as being optimal but, as with all things, there are people for whom more or less is the perfect amount. You’ll know what is ideal for you so try to organise your schedule so you have the opportunity to sleep that amount. Sleep is important for the brain; even small amounts of sleep deprivation can lead to dips in concentration and can affect your performance.

Our next tip is going to sound like heresy to the multi-tasking warriors out there and that is to focus on one task at a time. Flitting between multiple tasks does nothing but slow your brain down and can cloud your judgment; especially on critical issues. Recent studies have shown that trying to do two or more things at once can release the stress hormone cortisol in the brain which, in turn, can impact your ability to concentrate and make decisions.

Our next tip may also sound counter-intuitive if you’re really busy and have a deadline looming but taking a break can make you more productive. 5-10 minutes away from your desk every so often will allow you to gather your thoughts, refresh yourself, and return to the task in hand energised.

We’ve spent January encouraging you to get organised and we know a reminder can be a spur to do something. However, it’s important not to be a one-day warrior when it comes to being organised. Some people leave it to the last moment on a Friday afternoon to tidy up and organise themselves for the weekend’s performances. This creates a ‘black hole’ point which can distract you more and more as the week progresses, Try to get ahead of things; little and often is better than spending ages all at once and, possibly, finishing up panicking on gig day.

Finally, if possible buddy up. You’ll find it more rewarding – not to mention time seeming to pass quicker – if you’re working with someone to sort things out.

30 - get organised

Reminder: Open By Appointment

Where circumstances allow we are more than happy to open for you out of hours evenings and weekends.

We ask, though, that you give us a bit of notice. Ringing at 2pm on a Saturday to ask whether we’ll open for you on a day when we’ve not previously arranged to be open may, sadly, result in us having to disappoint you as staff may not be available at such short notice.

As you know by now Sandarac is run by musicians for musicians and our staff are often on the road performing; which is why we’re not open regularly at weekends. With a bit of notice we can arrange for cover for the day or find a mutually convenient time

In addition, if you’re planning to visit us during the week – especially if it’s to try an instrument – we ask that you give us a quick call. There are several reasons for this request. Firstly, we can ensure we’re not out delivering orders or doing the Post Office run when you arrive. Secondly, we can get the instruments ready for you. Also, if there’s one you particularly want to try, and we don’t have it in stock, we can call the luthier to see if he has one. Finally, and possibly most importantly , we can ensure we have fresh milk for the tea & coffee and that the biscuit tin is well stocked ☕️

28 - by appointment