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Ask a stupid question day

#DidYouKnow that today is Ask A Stupid Question Day?

Some of these so-called ‘National Days’ are just plain silly but this one has a genuine purpose behind it. After all, there can be very few, if any, of us that hasn’t had that question we wanted to ask that just sounded stupid to us.

We fail to ask these questions because we’re embarrassed that it even occurred to us and, what can be even worse, that we didn’t know the answer when it seemed so simple once we’ve heard it explained.

Here at Sandarac, our maxim is that there is no such thing as a stupid question except the one that you choose not to ask.  And if for some reason we don’t know the answer, we’ll ask one of our luthiers or technical experts and get back to you.  As anyone who has read our guide to buying a guitar will know, we actively encourage you to ask us questions and we know some people regard some of the questions we ask to try and identify the best instrument for you as “stupid” ones too.
Ask a Stupid Question Day encourages you to overcome your fear of sounding uneducated, and opening yourself to learning by asking your stupidest questions so what are you waiting for…?

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The C-Word

You know we hate swearing but we’re using the C-word today

Yes, there’s less than 3 months until Christmas. We’re mentioning it in September because, having UK-based suppliers, we tend to keep smaller numbers of gifts in stock than those who have to buy stuff in bulk from the Far East.

This means that if we get a run on popular items such as the heart of clefs necklace or music mugs we can go out of stock for a short while. Also, because we deal with small gift makers they like to retire items to make way for new things meaning when some things are gone, they’re never coming back.

And, whilst we can’t do an Amazon style online wish list, we’re offering you the chance to e-mail or message us your Christmas wish list that we’ll then share with anyone who asks Simples

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