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We stumbled across this and couldn’t resist sharing.

A woman is on trial for beating her husband to death because his guitar collection took over his life.  The judge looks to her lawyer and asks “First Offender” to which the woman replies “No, first a Gibson, then a Fender”

17 - fender


Back to School

It won’t be long now before the children go back to school. Now is therefore a great time to check they’ve got everything they need for their music lessons.

Want to ensure your child’s violin case is clearly identifiable? Why not do what some others have done and use one of our key rings or pins to make it stand out?

Want to protect the guitar you bought that didn’t come with a rigid case? All our instruments are sold with a case but we do have a number of European-made rigid cases for sale separately too.

Perhaps your child has outgrown their 3/4 size instrument… pop in and try one of our instruments. 100% hand-crafted in Europe they start at just over £300 and will last for decades.

Alternatively, you may need to upgrade from a cheap starter instrument to something that will last to grade 8 and beyond – again, we can help. We have conservatoire students and professional musicians playing our instruments.

Whatever your needs, we’re there for you. What’s more, The Old Dairy will be open all day on Saturday for your convenience. See you then!

30 - open Saturday

Charitable Donation

We usually do our charity event in October, donating a percentage of all our instrument sales to a Breast Cancer Charity.

This year, however, we’re doing something slightly different as one of our directors is going to do a 200 mile walk in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society in honour of he father.

We will have a collection box at The Old Dairy for anyone who wants to donate as well as a sponsorship form for anyone wanting to sponsor her. Further more, we’ll be adding to the donations by contributing a percentage of all our instrument sales during September.

However, if you would rather give direct here’s the link.

29 - Alzheimers