Monthly Archives: March 2018

New Service

Here at Sandarac we believe it is important to find the right instrument for each individual musician.  We know times are hard and that, for some, the right instrument may prove expensive.  We are therefore delighted to be able to offer a new service to our customers; Recital loans.
26 - recitalRecital is offered exclusively through purveyors of fine instruments, such as ourselves, and provides you, the customer, with a low interest rate financing option enabling you to purchase the right instrument without having to max out your credit cards.
What’s more, as long as it is made as a single purchase, you can add in all the accessories you want. So, for example you could not only buy a violin but also add a case, bow, pickup, stand, and even rosin with only a up front small deposit required.  What’s not to like?
Contact us for more details.
The (not so) small print
– Sandarac is in no way offering financial advice by offering this service
– Sandarac is receiving nothing from Recital for recommending their service to our customers
– Recital will conduct a credit check to determine whether you’re eligible