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Plan for the future

Can you believe it’s the end of January already? Neither can we. We hope you’ve been following our #WednesdayWisdom posts on How to Keep your Resolutions and have found them helpful. Part IV may sound a bit odd, given we’re a month in, but in order to keep your resolutions going for the rest of the year you’re going to need some planning.

Planning is an essential part of achieving any goal. Experts suggest that you should spend some time planning out how you will tackle any major behaviour change; whether professional or personal. If you start working toward a goal without any type of plan in place, you might quickly find yourself giving up any time you face any sort of obstacle, difficulty, or resistance.

Start by writing down your goal, making a list of things you will need to achieve that goal, and noting any obstacles that might stand in your way.

By knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, together with the things you’ll need, and the difficulties you might face you’ll find you are better prepared to stick to your resolution long term and overcome potential struggles.

What’s more, with a new month starting, it’s never to late to make that plan so what are you waiting for?

31 - start planning

Valentine’s Day

With just one day left in January the shops are filling their shelves with Valentine’s Day gifts.

We’ve seen our first Valentine’s gift go out (or at least we’re assuming it’s for that given the timing) – our ever popular Heart of Clefs – and so we thought we’d remind you of our full range of jewellery; most of which comes gift boxed making it perfect for giving*.

With all bar one or two pieces being made right here in the UK (those that aren’t are made in Germany or the US) and prices starting at under a fiver what’s not to like?

To view the full range click here.

*If you would like one of our smaller pieces, normally supplied without a box, put into a leatherette gift box please contact us and we can arrange to add this to your order for a small additional cost.

30 - Valentines Day

Data Privacy

Yesterday was National Data Protection Day, or Data Privacy Day as it is known in the States, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to remind you that, here at Sandarac, we do our utmost to protect our customers’ information.

We know some of our regular customers get a little frustrated when we ask for their card details on each occasion but we believe it is better to do that, and fully comply with the Data Protection Act, than risk the information falling into the wrong hands.

Thank you for your continued understanding.

29 - data privacy day