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If you are planning to visit us at the London International Guitar Show on Sunday at Kempton Park Racecourse and want to try a particular guitar (or instrument) please let us know today (Friday 27th) or early tomorrow (Saturday 28th) as we will be breaking down and loading on Saturday (hence The Old Dairy will be closed to visitors during this time).

Remember also, even if you’re not planning to buy anything, you can drop by our stand (on the ground floor) and add your donation to the Breast Cancer Charity we’re supporting this month to everyone else’s. You won’t be able to miss the box – just look for the pink balloons 😀

Finally, although we hate using bad language, and the c-word in particular, you can’t have missed all the Christmas things in the shops at the moment. To help you with your shopping for those difficult-to-buy-for musicians in your life we’ll have a full range of quality UK-made (with a couple of things from Europe and the US) giftware including our pocket money stocking fillers.

27 - LIGS


Yesterday we referenced an ancient instrument, the bandora, because of its unusual fretting and thought we’d make it the subject of today’s #ThrowbackThursday post.

The Bandora, sometimes known as the Bandore, is a large long-necked plucked string-instrument. It can be regarded as a bass cittern; though it does not have the re-entrant tuning typical of one.

The bandora was probably first built by John Rose in England around 1560 together with a smaller version called an orpharion. You may not have heard of this but it remained popular for over a century. In fact the he bandora was frequently one of the two bass instruments in a broken consort as associated with the works of Thomas Morley. Additionally, Anthony Holborne wrote many pieces for solo bandora.

26 - bandora

With apologies for the poor picture you should, however, be able to make out the sloping frets.