Monthly Archives: October 2017

Guitar Show

It was lovely to meet so many new friends, as well as existing ones, at the London International Guitar Show at Kempton Park Racecourse yesterday.

We can only apologise again to those who found the fact they couldn’t hear our instruments when trying them, not even in the ‘quiet’ room, due to the surrounding noise and we hope you will be able to take us up on our offer of a private tryout at The Old Dairy at a time of your convenience.

Thank you to all those who put money in our Breast Cancer collection box (even if some of you were a little naughty and used your old pound coins ) as we now have an extra £32.46 to add to our donation at the end of the month.

As we rebuild the showroom today, we’ll be doing a stocktake as we know we’re running low, or completely sold out, of some of our giftware. We’ll update you on this later in the week.

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