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Today’s #WednesdayWisdom is very simple and is based on the experience of a few customers that we’d like to share with you.

See it. Try it. Like it. Buy it.

Simple, eh?

The reason behind this post is that we have had a couple of people come into the showroom, or seen us at shows, and tried a particular instrument. They’ve then gone away to think about it, or to get the money sorted, or ordered a new instrument made for them. When they’ve come back to buy the instrument, or collect their made to order one, they’ve found it sounds or feels very slightly different to the one they’ve tried.

This is because every instrument is individually hand made and whilst the luthier will do his utmost to ensure continuity of quality and tone the woods will be sublty different and the instrument will be subtly different.

Moreover, they are not even batch made. For those unfamiliar with batch making, it’s where bigger luthiery companies will make a batch of one type of guitar at the same time. This ensures that guitars with sequential numbering will be made from the same wood at the same time. Yes, our luthiers will have a number of guitars in various stages of being made at the same time but it is highly unlikely that they will be the same model.

For example on our last visit to Maurice Dupont we collected a Gaucher MD100, a MD50, MDC60, Busato Royale, f-hole DM100, Be Bop Blonde, Stimer M12, Stimer M6, some Stimer pickups, and a Volante Double Bass. Some of these were being finished as we arrived so you can imagine what the workshop was doing in the months leading up to our visit.

So, if you try a guitar and like it buy it there and then. If you can’t buy it straight away, put a deposit on it and we will take it off sale for you. That way you guarantee to get the instrument you fell in love with. As we said, simples.

27 - see it buy it

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