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Be Prepared

It won’t be long before the children go #BackToSchool which means music lessons will resume. Our #WednesdayWisdom is therefore to be prepared.

If you or your child haven’t been playing regularly during the break (and if not, why not?) you should get your instruments out and give them a thorough check over. Take the opportunity to clean them (we’ve published many tips for this in previous Wednesday Wisdom posts) and to put a fresh set of strings on.

Ensure all your music is in one place and organised to allow you to find pieces easily. If you can get the play list for the term, or year, in advance take the opportunity to get it in advance so you can look it over and have any questions at the ready.

If you are going to perform during the new term try to get the music as far ahead as possible to give you the maximum time to familiarise yourself with it and to practice. Also, get the dress code equally ahead of time so that you can go over existing clothes; cleaning, repairing, or replacing as needs be or getting new outfits if required.

This way you can start class prepared and without the need to panic or worry where something is. Simples 😉

30 - be prepared

Reminder – Offer ends Thursday

All good things must come to an end and this is especially true of our 10th Anniversary offers; as each only lasts one month.

You’ve three short days in which to buy any of our Classical guitars at the amazing reduced prices (all of which includes a case ). Remember, we’re also offering the discount on build-to-order instruments that are fully paid for by the end of the month irrespective of delivery date.

September will see children return back to school so we’ve made our offer practical pewter with bookmarks, keyrings, and pins all reduced. What better way to personalise your school bag or instrument case? We’re also including our distinctive pewter Luna London bracelets. The slinks are so highly polished that they’re often mistaken for silver.

29 - black ending soon