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10th Anniversary Offer

03-10th-anniversaryThe first of our 10 offers, one per month, to celebrate our 10th Anniversary starts tomorrow, February first.

We’ve made it as simple as possible to take advantage of each offer.  Just follow this link and use the code 10YEARSON when checking out. The discount will be applied automatically.


If shopping in person is your thing don’t worry as we’ll take the discount off the price in our showroom at The Old Dairy for you.

As always, if you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact us.

10th Anniversary Offers

With February a couple of days away, it’s not long until the first of our offers starts and, as promised, we’re publishing the whole list of what will be on offer month by month.

February is about Fragrance and features our amazing unisex fragrance and scented candles.

March has Mothers in Mind with our entire jewellery range on offer.

April is All about the Bass and has offers on everything from double basses, bass guitars, cases, strings, and pickups to bass-related giftware.

It’s a Man’s Life in May as we discount cufflinks, tie pins, and our distinctive Man’s Life mugs.

June is Bowing out all over with our entire in-stock range of bowed instruments on offer together with strings, pickups, cases, and other related products.

July is Just about the Home and features our entire range of homeware.

August has some Classic Offers as we’re discounting every classical guitar in our showroom including Southpaw Central, Connoisseur Collection and orders for bespoke instruments together with pickups, cases, and strings.

September is Simply Pewter with every item of pewter giftware on offer.

It’s ResOctober next with all our Schatten Design pickups for Resonator guitars discounted.

Deck the Halls in November with our range of music related Christmas decorations.

10 months with 10 great offers to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

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