Monthly Archives: November 2016

No Black Friday Here!

Unlike most of the UK, which seems to have turned into the US, we are not offering Black Friday deals just all year round good value.

We’re not going as far as some as to advocate today as #BuyNothingDay but neither are we about to over inflate prices so as to be able to do a one day deep discount.

25-no-black-friday-webInstead, we continue to pay our marvellous luthiers a very fair price for their instruments and do our utmost to ensure you pay no more when buying from us than you would if you’d bought direct from them.  Furthermore, when the forex allows, we reduce our prices accordingly and pass the savings on to you, our wonderful customers.  We’d like to think this sort of openness is what has not only allowed us to survive, when many music stores have gone out of business, but has allowed us to build good relationships with our customers such that they keep coming back to us.


Our #WednesdayWisdom today is about time and timing.

However, we’re not talking about music timing and time signatures but the time you can expect to wait for an instrument.

If you take an instrument from stock then you can have it pretty much immediately.  In fact, if you call into The Old Dairy to buy it you can walk out with it there and then.

If it is something we don’t currently have in stock we can contact our luthiers and see whether they have one in their showroom.  In which case you need to allow a week or so for us to receive it, check it over to ensure it hasn’t been damaged in transit, and then get it to you.

23-worth-the-waitHowever, because we work closely with our wonderful luthiers you have the option of having pretty much whatever you want hand-crafted to order.  Should you decide to take this route then you’ll need to be patient as it’ll take a minimum of three months to lovingly create your instrument.

This means if you are thinking of getting an instrument for Christmas it is too late to have one made to order and you will need to take one from stock.  The good news is that, as with previous years, we will hold it for you at The Old Dairy up to Friday December 23rd (24th by prior arrangement only).